Keeblers Cozy Corner
(A safe retreat for lost and abandoned animals)
Written by Dorothea Poggi 11/10/2013
Wild Lady gave birth 2 days after she was removed from the humane trapping device used for feral cats. She gave birth to 5 little stinkers. Two solid grey kittens which were adopted on sight and three striped grey and white kittens that are as adorable as kits can be. Wild Lady has escaped most of the cages we had her in. She is extremely intelligent and nasty to other animals. Wild Lady attacks any animal on sight. She has even had fights with other cats through a house window. She is affectionate and vocal to humans. Now that she is not nursing anymore we can get her in to the vet to deal with a large pink growth in her ear. She has what appears to be old accident bone damage to her hip and tail but she doesn’t seem to acknowledge any handicap. Of course Wild Lady is also adoptable to the right person and environment.
If anyone is interested in adopting please call 917-741-2768.

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