Today Nov. 13, 2013 Senator Gillibrand issued a statment requesting our support. Please read the following and if you can besides supporting the Senator’s efforts can your please ask your family, friends, and social media contacts to also support the Senator.  Thank You!


Kirsten Gillibrand

Our Troops Deserve Better. Demand the Senate Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act.Dear Friends,

What’s wrong with the way the military currently handles sexual assault? Just ask Brian Lewis.

After his assault by a superior officer, Brian was ordered not to report the crime – then misdiagnosed with a personality disorder in order to discharge him. His appeal to change that discharge to medical retirement for PTSD was denied.

Brian calls his discharge a “symbol of shame” that could destroy opportunities throughout his life. His story is shocking, and grossly unfair – but it’s far from uncommon.

Of the estimated 26,000 cases of rapes, sexual assaults and unwanted sexual contact in the military last year, just 302 were prosecuted. That is shameful.

We’ve fought for months to reform this broken system – and the bipartisan Military Justice Improvement Act is finally coming up for a full Senate vote in the coming days. I need you to stand with me again, and demand we pass these vital protections now.

Join my colleagues and me in calling for immediate Senate passage of the Military Justice Improvement Act. Every month, week, even hour we delay also delays justice for our brave servicemembers.

“Justice for all” – it’s one of our country’s founding principles. So we owe those who put their lives on the line for us every day far better than a 1.2% prosecution rate for unspeakably heinous crimes.

Survivors like Brian Lewis have repeatedly cried out for changes in a system that routinely fails them. Even Defense Secretary Hagel calls sexual assault in the military a “scourge” to be “stamped out.”

So what are we waiting for? Join us in demanding the Senate pass the Military Justice Improvement Act now.

Sign our petition demanding the Senate pass this bill now – with 71 estimated cases per day, our brave servicemembers just can’t wait.

We depend on our courageous men and women in uniform to keep us safe. It’s time we did the same for them.

Thanks for your support,







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