March 5th 2014 – Bronx Immigration Forum

This past Wednesday evening in The Bronx an Immigration Forum sponsored by Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj was held at the Bronx House located in Pelham Parkway The panel consisted of representatives of various Federal agency’s Including The Department of Homeland Security, also a panel of Attorney’s who who specialized in immigration problems and issues , and a Representative of the Community Affairs division of The New York City Police Department.

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Representing Assemblyman Gjonaj who was up in Albany on Assembly business and could not attend, were his Chief of Staff Sonny Vataj and Lilyanna Pekic. Despite the cold evening over One Hundred neighborhood residence with questions,concerns ,and problems attended . It turned out to be a very lively evening with lots of give and take from the panel and the audience . The Questions ranged from Reuniting family members who were already legal residents of the United States with family members still living overseas? ,t0 how the New York City Police Department treated persons who might not have legal status in the United States?

Toward the end of the evening Mr Vataj reminded the audience that Assemblyman Gjonaj’s office and his staff were always available to assist those who did not have a chance to have their questions answered, and even though Mr.Vataj could not
promise those in audience that all problems could or would resolved the way each person wanted ,they would however get an honest answer to each question raised.


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