Limited Edition Chief69 Tag T-Shirt



Nelson “El Cacique Sesenta Nueve” “Chief69” Seda, 22, is a Brooklyn born, Bronx based bboy, emcee, graffiti artist and community organizer.

Chief69 has hosted several free to low cost dance and graffiti classes throughout the Bronx. He has participated in a slew of free workshops educating our community on the culture of hip hop and empowering them to tap into their unique creativity.

His newest endeavor is a self-published poetry book.

In an effort to raise the funds needed, he is hosting an online fundraiser.

There is only one week left, but I’m sure we can all help him reach his goal. The fundraiser offers a Limited Edition Tag T-Shirt! For only $10, you can help support local art ventures.

Here’s the link:

To see Chief69’s work, check out his website at

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