Supporting Art for Children in the Bronx – Financially and Culturally

Chestnut Holdings and DreamYard have partnered to offer free art workshops in order to bring arts and education closer to home for children in the Bronx. The first workshop for Chestnut tenants was held last month; this month’s session took place in the lobby of Chestnut’s building at 1504 Sheridan Avenue and saw good turnout from interested residents!

Chestunt DreamYard 2

Chestut Dreamyard 3



These sessions are free for Chestnut tenants and each participant walks away from the session with a finished piece of art. Simultaneously, DreamYard’s own students have been creating art that will be presented during a finale event in May. The students have visited and learned about the history of and work that goes into Chestnut’s buildings and, from their own observations, noted a number of iconic images in the Bronx. They are making block prints of these images, and the artwork will be framed and revealed at this finale event.


Chestnut DreamYard 5 Chestnut DreamYard 6

Chestnut is sponsoring the creation of this art, the art workshops, and has also provided funding for a year-long DreamYard art class serving 30 students. DreamYard is the largest arts education provider in the Bronx, and not only has created a lot of artwork for parks in the Bronx, but provides a number of different interactive educational opportunities for students through art.

Chestnut DreamYard 4 Chestnut DreamYard 1

Chestnut Holdings is a family-owned real estate investment and management firm with a 15-year track record as an owner-manager of properties in the Bronx and throughout New York City. They work to ensure safe, well maintained housing and reliable services for tenants.

DreamYard is the largest arts education provider in the Bronx. Its programs, during in-school and out-of-school hours, impact the social and intellectual growth of thousands of students through safe, positive and creatively challenging programs.

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