Bronx River Fish Passage Test Yields Successful Results

fishladderOn Monday-for the very first time-water was released into NYC’s first so-called “fish ladder” on the Bronx River. Over the past year, improvements to the 182nd Street dam on the Bronx River have been taking place, in preparation for construction of the fish ladder. The first in a series of three fish passages being constructed, the ladders will to enable migratory fish such as alewives and blue back herring to spawn in the freshwater upstream.

Robin Kriesberg, Ecology Director at the Bronx River Alliance stated, “The release was a complete success. We are pleased to report that the passage will be ready for next spring’s migration. After working towards the project for such a long time, it’s great to see this finally happen!”

Once found in throughout the Northeast, alewife and blueback herring played an important role in the regional ecology as a source of food for mammals, birds, and larger fish in freshwater streams, estuaries and the ocean. Their return will help increase biodiversity along the river by attracting more predatory fish and birds, showing the improved health and resiliency of the Bronx River.

The alewife. Photo via Cornell University

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