Totally Unacceptable Fundraising Tactics From Michael Blake


Alfre Woodard.

As we approach the second finance filing deadline onMonday, August 4th, I was hoping you would join me and a personal friend, Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild winning actress, ALFRE WOODARD for a Community Fundraising Reception SATURDAY, August 2nd at 9:30 a.m., with doors opening at9:00 a.m., at Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx.

Michael Blake, a candidate for the State Assembly in the 79th district, may or may not make the ballot based on eligibility issues with respect to his clearly not having lived in the state and voted in the state and made any attempt to maintain official residency in the state for the past 5 years, a requiremement under NYS Election Law for state candidates, though not City Council candidates, who are only required to live at an addresss in district at the time of the election.  He is set for an August 5 court date to determine eligibility.  (Councilman Fernando Cabrera was a Westchester resident with strong ties to his district who moved to the district within the year of running for City Council in 2009, for example.) Blake is apparently holding a fundraiser at a Bronx public school, which I would imagine has security guards at the building at the time working at the taxpayer expenses.  This is a big no no.

Read more here from former Assemblyman and blogger Michael Benjamin (who full disclosure, this journalist once worked for and campaigned for.) Per Benjamin’s post: “….the NYC Schools Chancellor’s Regulations prohibit political fundraisers on public school property. Requests for comments from both the NYC Department of Education and the Blake campaign have not been responded to. Those regs prohibit elected officials from fundraising events in school buildings as well as prohibit any political activities “60 calendar days prior to a primary and/or election.” The September 9 Democratic Primary is 38 days after his Saturday “community” fundraiser.” Again, more here.

UPDATE: It appears as though the location has been moved to, you know, not be illegal.


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