Don’t buy the NY Knicks or Rangers Gear, Buy The Stock

In 2015, ALL The world, just like the basketball Boston Celtics in the City of Boston, can now own a DIRECT piece of New York Sports, via, The Men’s Basketball Knicks, the Woman’s basketball Liberty, and the Hockey team, New York Rangers.

Just call your broker and indicate that you want to buy stock in the team!

Madison Square Garden, owned by The James Dolan family since 1996, looks like he’s ready to sell a piece to you- and make millions at the same time.

MSG, who owns the NY Sports Teams and NY Real Estate Assets (like MSG & Radio City Music Hall) , will be SEPERATING their Assets: Sports & Real Estate , into 2 divisions.

The reasons: the simple hope is that the separated 2 NEW pieces , sooned to be named: MSG Sports & MSG Real Estate , will be worth more separately, than the whole

James Dolan is pulling pulled in 2 separate areas:

The current non Wall Street crowd wants James to create a ” MSG Music ” division so he can now sell the product to Cable TV companies like ESPN.

The public equity Wall Street crowd wants James to create a “Unit Investment Trust (UIT) to maximize investment value.

Now that current Knicks General Manager Phil Jackson told James Dolan to stay out (of his own) of basketball affairs, he has decided to spend a lot more time in the corporate boardroom- and he has been showing how smart he and his team are.

ESPN or Sports, in relation to your average cable bill can be as high as 30% of the cost.

In investments, UIT’s , are a closed end tax free way to be a landlord. And who wouldn’t mind being the landlord of Radio City or MSG .

So get ready NY Sports fans! Wanna own the Team- or be a landlord in NYC. In 2015, they will both be available!


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