A Bronxite’s First Vote: Matt Osborn

On November 4, 2014 Matt Osborn, a young Bronxite, cast his first vote as a person who just turned 18 years of age.

This was a great milestone for a person whose roots are in the Bronx, who takes a keen interest in politics and wants to be part of the process to guarantee social justice, a progressive and inclusive society and a society free of hate and abuse. Matt started his studies at SUNY Albany in September. Prior to leaving for Albany he served as an intern to Congressman Eliot Engel. He is majoring in Political Science. He has joined the Young Democrats of SUNY Albany. Matt said “Being able to vote this year meant a lot to me. I am now part of the process we call democracy. I have been interested in politics for a long time, My dad has served as an example by his political involvement over the years. To me voting is a responsibility we all have as Americans.” Matt’s dad Ken has been a member of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club for many years. He served as President of the club in the 1980s. Matt is now a member of the College Young Democrats of Albany SUNY. He keeps an eye on everything that is going on politically nationally, in New York State, in New York City and in his borough of The Bronx.

I remember all to well the anticipation of my first vote, a disappointment at a traumatic time and moving on. I was born in 1943. I would be eligible to vote in 1964. At that time one had to be twenty-one years old to vote across this nation. I was a strong supporter of John F. Kennedy in 1960. I was the thrilled with the prospect of voting to re-elect him in 1964 the first year I could vote. Then November 22, 1963 occurred. I was shattered. My voting to re-elect JFK was shattered by the bullet of an assassin. On November 3, 1964 I went to vote as millions of my fellow citizens did. Of course JFK was not on the ballot. I voted for Lyndon Baines Johnson. At times I wonder what this nation and the world would be like if JFK’s name was on the ballot and he had been re-elected on November 3, 1964. I am thrilled to see young leaders such as Matt Osborn being part of the process.

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