Council Member Gibson: Garner Statement

Chair of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee Reacts to Grand Jury Decision to

Not  Indict in Garner Case


“A Staten Island grand jury’s decision to not indict anyone in the death of Eric Garner is deeply distressing and disappointing,” Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson (D-Bronx, 16th CD), chair of the Council Public Safety Committee, said. “Eric Garner was an unarmed man who posed no imminent danger to anyone on that fateful day in July and the decision of the grand jury to not indict speaks volumes about the ongoing failure of our criminal justice system to fully appreciate the rights of all who call our City home.


“Today I am joining with many New Yorkers in being angry at the grand jury’s decision and – as the eyes of the world are on our City – I urge my fellow New Yorkers to channel our justified anger constructively as we seek to make our City and our nation a better place to live,” Council Member Gibson said. “I also urge the federal Department of Justice to immediately commence an investigation of the events that led to Eric Garner’s homicide more than four months ago.”

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