Sewer-clogging wet wipes focus of Council action

City Council looks to flush ad claims of sewer-clogging wet wipe | NY Daily News

It seems more Bronxites and New Yorkers are using wet wipes instead of toilet paper. The supposedly disposable towelettes are clogging the city’s sewer system and the City Council is mulling a ban on advertising and labeling them “flushable,” the Daily News reports:

A bill to be introduced Thursday by Councilmen Donovan Richards (D-Queens) and Antonio Reynoso (D-Brooklyn) would ban advertising or labeling the moist toilet wipes as “flushable.”

“It’s false advertisement, and it’s costing taxpayers at the end of the day millions of dollars,” Richards said. “People who buy wipes need to know that they can’t flush it down the toilet.

NY Daily News –

Manufacturers and consumers are now on notice. IMHO the bill seems like another bonanza for lobbyists and construction firms.Given the decrepit condition of the City’s century old sewer system, we should invest in larger diameter, modern pipelines.

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