Coach’s Corner – “Deeds not Words”

coach lynn

“Deeds not Words”

The artful skills associated with the concept of “responsible fatherhood” cannot be acquired by reading a book or an article in a trendy magazine. It cannot be assimilated by attending a fatherhood meeting baring your problems to others seemingly in the same circumstances as you. They will not materialize overnight via a mind-blowing realization often times occurring after a traumatic confrontation. And contrary to belief, there is no set way or guide to developing the skills needed to be considered a “responsible father”, leaving each man to make his own path, leaving little to chance or fate.

There is on the other hand, a concept that for generations has been tested and found to be true by fathers from literally all walks of life, based solely in a conscious thought which when eagerly accepted helps a father understand clearly his responsibilities to his offspring, that being “Deeds not Words”!

Raising a family, whether by co-parenting, or solely on your own, requires innumerable acts of sacrifice, measured by deeds on a continuous basis until such time as your children become self-sufficient in all areas of life. When a father accepts this responsibility, giving his 100% effort, attention and commitment to his children’s well being, history has shown that the children thrive in virtually all areas of their lives. When a father assimilates the lifestyle associated with “Deeds not Words” he accepts “any” challenge and “all” duties that come with overseeing another human beings future, frequently calling upon his faith, patience, commitment & unconditional love as his guiding principles.



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