BP Diaz Nail and Beauty Salon Grading System Gets Council Hearing

Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. testifies in support of his legislation creating a letter grading system for nail and beauty salons, as well as other cosmetology businesses.


BP Diaz Testifies In Favor of a "Nail and Beauty Salon Letter Grading System."

BP Diaz Testifies In Favor of a “Nail and Beauty Salon Letter Grading System.”


Yesterday, the city’s Independent Budget Office (IBO) said that the program would cost the city $7.2 million annually to inspect the 5,300-plus cosmetology businesses across New York City.


Bronx Borough President Diaz testifies before a joint hearing of the New York City Council’s Committees on Consumer Affairs and Health in support of a legislative package concerning the creation of a “Nail & Beauty Salon” letter grading system, similar to one used by the food and dining industry in New York City, which he initially proposed last year.


The legislative package would allow for the creation of a system of letter grades for cosmetology businesses, based on the existing restaurant letter grading system already in effect in this city. It would also create a ‘Customers’ Bill of Rights’ for such establishments, and call on the State to expand training options available for licensed cosmetology professionals.


The legislation was introduced to the City Council at the borough president’s behest by Council Member Rafael Espinal, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs.


The City Council hearing is being streamed live here at 10:30 AM.

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