Babies of The Bronx – Jordan Martin Muniz

Once again we feature an adorable Bronxite to bring some joy to your day!

Today, meet Jordan!


Name: Jordan Martin Muniz

Age: 7 weeks

This edition of Babies of the Bronx hits home for The Bronx Chronicle staff because Jordan is the nephew to our Associate Editor, Annie Boller!

Even though Jordan was born in April, it appears that he is already a Trekkie. While honing in on his Vulcan studies (by living long and prospering), Jordan has many faces. He can be happy (when pooping) or crying, with the latter sending his Auntie Annie running for the hills.


Faces of Jordan

Granma, Granpa and Great-Granma are already loving him to bits! But don’t forget the animals, who are also settling in nicely with this new addition.


The staff at The Bronx Chronicle would like to congratulate Sandy and Martin on the birth of their son, Jordan!

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