I Love NY Parks - License PlatesGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo today unveiled the newest license plates in the I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates series, which will make available for motorcycles nine designs that include hunting, fishing, and parks insignia. Like the original passenger and commercial class plates released last year, the motorcycle class plates are available to anyone holding a valid Department of Environmental Conservation sporting license or Parks Empire Passport.

“New York is home to a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, and these custom plates are one more way for New Yorkers to showcase their pride in all that our state has to offer,” Governor Cuomo said. “I am proud these plates are available for motorcycle riders, and I encourage everyone to explore more of New York’s parks and historic locations this summer.”

The custom motorcycle plate fee varies depending on whether the Department of Motor Vehicles assigns the plate number or if a customer personalizes the plate. If the number is assigned, the plate fee is $31.25 plus an annual renewal fee of $15. If a customer personalizes the plate, the fee is $53.75 plus an annual renewal of $33.75.

I Love NY Hunting - License PlatesNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens said “Governor Cuomo has greatly expanded opportunities for sportsmen and sportswomen to enjoy hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities in New York. I encourage motorcyclists who have a sporting license to demonstrate their pride in New York’s outdoor heritage and promote the great sporting opportunities found across the state by obtaining an I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plate.”

DMV Deputy Commissioner Tim Lennon said, “The I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates are a great way to highlight the scenic beauty that makes New York State a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and DMV is delighted to make them available to motorcyclists. I applaud Governor Cuomo on his leadership in the development of these custom plates.”

I Love NY Fishing - License PlatesState Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey said, “These plates provide the opportunity for all of us to show our passion for the great outdoors. There is no better natural resource than our beloved outdoors and thanks to Governor Cuomo we can display that enthusiasm where ever the open road takes us.”

The DMV offers custom motorcycle plates for military and veterans, police organizations, medical doctors, the American Motorcyclist Association and the Harley Owners Group. Historical and vintage motorcycle plates are also available.

The motorcycle plates may only be ordered by mail, by completing the “I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates” form (MV-414) available online and mailing to the address listed on the application. Those interested must include a copy of their sporting license or Empire Passport and driver license. Passenger and commercial vehicle plates are available through the mail or online.

For information about purchasing a Lifetime Sporting or Recreational License, or a Lifetime Empire Passport, visit

For information about the Adventure series and other custom plates offered by DMV,

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