Senator Diaz Criticizes Mayor Bill de Blasio Stand on Dominican Republic

What You Should Know
By Senator Rev Rubén Díaz

You should know that this past Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to go to Upper Manhattan in the midst of the Dominican community to ask for a tourism boycott against the Dominican Republic based on immigration laws that are in effect in Santo Domingo.

While we all agree that immigration laws are complicated and that that the situation is very sensitive, I have to say that I have never seen Mayor Bill de Blasio go in front of the White House to criticize the President of this nation for the thousands and thousands of monthly deportations from the United States that leave children orphans, and wives and their spouses unprotected.

As we know, never in this nation have there been so many deportations as now under President Barack Obama. However, if we agree that President Obama has the right to deport people based upon the immigration laws of this nation, then we must also respect – even if we don’t like – the immigration laws in Santo Domingo.

It is nothing less than a double standard to criticize the President Danilo Medina and call for a boycott of the Dominican Republic while keeping quiet about what is done in this nation under this Presidential Administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask Mayor Bill de Blasio: The same way that you went to the Upper Manhattan to criticize President Medina, will you also go in front of the White House and criticize President Obama?

This is Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz represents the 32nd Senate district in the Bronx.

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