Bronxite, Gabrielle Pelicci, Falls Short In MSNBC “Grow Your Value Competition”

Gabrielle Pelicci

Gabrielle Pelicci

Bronx Profile: Gabrielle Pelicci, Finalist, “Grow Your Value Bonus Competition” by Koi Germany, Jr.

Last month, The Bronx Chronicle profiled MSNBC contest finalist, Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci’s  journey in the “Grow Your Value Bonus Competition.”

Flown out to Washington, D.C, Dr. Pelicci and two other finalists were given the opportunity to prove themselves and present their pitches before Mika Brzezinski and a panel of tough as nails judges and a live audience.

Leading the pack, Ms. Pelicci began her pitch with a heartfelt anecdote on the benefits of holistic health, drawing upon her experiences as both an educator and practitioner to sway the judges. Highlighting a truly humanitarian goal, her plan of offering online courses in the field at affordable prices resonated well with those listening.

Gabrielle Pelicci PitchIn a line which most succinctly encapsulated her purpose for entering the competition, Pelicci stated to thunderous applause, “My true value comes from giving people tools to transform their lives.”

MSNBC-KYV-DC-Gabrielle PelicciHowever, in the end, Ms. Pelicci did not walk away with $10,000 check, but rather increased her overall wealth as a person.

Waxing introspective on her personal blog, she reflected upon her time in the competition, condensing the experience into ten short, yet meaningful aphorisms ranging from “Too much Success means loss of Soul” to “Control is an illusion.”

Most relative to the process, she writes “Hard work doesn’t entitle me to Success,” outlining “If I work hard, I will see results. I may feel proud. I may even get a paycheck. But everyone else (that I know) is also working hard.”

A true winner in every sense, Ms. Pelicci walks away with an increased sense of self, the ultimate goal of the “Grow Your Value Bonus Competition”.

 A link to the reflection can be found here:

Story by Bronx Chronicle staff writer Koi Germany, Jr. 

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