Letter to the Editor: Stars and Bars

Dear Editor,

Some ahistoric Americans insist that the U. S. Civil War was fought, simply, so that individual states could preserve their rights as sovereign powers, unencumbered by the Federal Government whose centralized power was being used in an aggressive, overreaching manner. They refuse to accept the historical record showing that the War Between the States was solely fought by the Confederacy to preserve the institution of slavery.

Now, accepting that the Confederate States did, in fact, secede over the question of slavery, it stands to reason that people today who claim that flying the Stars & Bars is just their way of honoring their heritage are honoring SLAVERY (which is part and parcel of White supremacy).

IS that the heritage they wish to honor and preserve?

To supporters of the old Confederacy, I ask how do you separate the U. S. Federal Government’s “interference and desire to centralize control” from the “PRESERVATION OF THE INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY,” if this is truly the rationalization for your ancestors’ secession and going to war?

Any display of the Stars and Bars is an affirmation of your desire and determination to preserve the institution of slavery, in whatever form, as long as it remains accessible to those who wish to use or embrace it.

The Stars and Bars will forever remain a sign to every American of African descent that those displaying those colors are advocates of their ancestors cruel, inhuman, indecent, degrading, and immoral treatment.

It is the same if a man (especially one of German decent) were to fly the flag of the “Third Reich” and in the same breath he tries to convince Jews that he was only honoring his culture or his ancestors. Really???????????? Would any interpretation be needed?

Let’s call this what it is and end this stupid debate. It’s RACIST to the core!

My shotgun is loaded for all those that believe I don’t have a right to express my opinion on this subject. I am exercising my Right under the First Amendment as well as the Fourteenth, Sixteenth, and all the others.

To those who do not know what I am talking about, I say: WAKE UP!

Guillermo “Bill” J. M. Thorne, Sr., 33°, MPS

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

Rockland County, NY.

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