Opinion: Robert Siano, Independence and Strength to Clean Up The Bronx

For as long as most of us can remember, the Bronx Democratic political machine has pulled the strings in the borough. Bronx voters expect to have their voices heard each November, but by then, it’s usually too late. By election day, the machine has already decided who will win.


This year, the machine has taken its games too far, pushing Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson out of office, and hand-picking their nominee instead of holding a primary. It’s a move a writer for the New York Times calls “one of the sleaziest maneuvers in a notoriously sleazy political world,” and good government group Citizens Union says “undermines the laws of the state.”
John Greaney (chairman, Bronx GOP), Robert Siano, Ed Cox (chairman, NYS Republican Party)

John Greaney (chairman, Bronx GOP), Robert Siano, Ed Cox (chairman, NYS Republican Party)


To those undermining the will of the people, we say NO MORE. This election day, Bronx voters have a real choice when they vote for District Attorney. Republican candidate Robert D. Siano is an independent voice with years of experience fighting for children and others in need. He has a plan to implement specific reforms at the District Attorney’s office that will finally reduce the unfair backlogs in our criminal courts and will avoid wrongful convictions. Bronxites deserve a candidate who is strong enough to fight crime and do what is right. This election is about justice, not politics. Bronx voters deserve that.

For those who are tired of how the criminal justice system works in our borough, and how the political elites hand-pick who gets to hold office, we urge you to try something new. Robert Siano is the only candidate for District Attorney who has the independence and the strength to clean up The Bronx.

John Greaney, Chairman

The Bronx Republican County Committee

Note: The upcoming general election is Tuesday, November 3rd.



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