Letter To The Editor — Robert Siano for District Attorney

Dear Editor,

My name is Camella Pinkney-Price, a life long Democrat and a triple prime voter. I’m also a supporter of Robert Siano for District Attorney. I read your article referring to Mr. Siano’s spotty voting record. Mr. Siano may have felt at the time like many Bronx voters feel today, “why vote if there is no one to vote for.”

Today, there are many Bronxites who are turned off from politics due to the vast amount of corruption. A spotty voting record does not assess your qualifications for the position. The voting record is being raised in an attempt to take the voters minds off of real and meaningful issues.  The Bronx Democratic machine has manipulated a system that has deprived the voters of the right to choose who the next District Attorney should be. There is clearly a lack of transparency. The conversation should be about a lack of transparency. TRANSPARENCY is critical to the democratic process.  

Robert Siano has the vision and experience to fight for Bronx families. He has vowed to reduce case backlogs and avoid wrongful convictions. He intends to establish meaningful policies with respect to violent crimes.  He has responded to the cries of the people. That’s more than any Bronx politician has done.

In order to change a system you have to put someone in place with the knowledge, desire and understanding of how to bring about systemic change. Robert Siano is that person.  This race is not about politics. This race is about TRANSPARENCY. This race is about JUSTICE.

Camella Pinkney-Price

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