Bronx DA: 25-to-Life for Videotaped Rape of 6 Year Old


25-to-Life for Boyfriend’s Sex Assault of 6-Year-Old He Recorded on Cell


(Bronx, NY – December 8, 2015) – Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson announces the sentencing of 35-year-old VIRGILIO “David” OCAMPO to a prison term of 25 years-to-life for raping his girlfriend’s six-year-old daughter – discovered when the victim’s mom went through his cell phone and, to her horror, saw he had videotaped the assault.

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Ocampo (Department of Correction)


Following a three-week-long trial and a mere two hours of deliberation, a jury found OCAMPO guilty of:


Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child (Class A-II felony)

Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance (Class C felony)


OCAMPO and the child’s mother had been dating for two years; he had been staying at the mom’s apartment several days a week.  In January of 2014, the mother looked through OCAMPO’s phone while he was sleeping – but the nightmare was hers.  She saw a video date-stamped from the month before showing the man inserting his penis into her daughter’s vagina.


That day, she reported the incident to police, but by that time, OCAMPO had already left the apartment.  At some point, he fled to Louisiana, where police picked him up ten days later.  He admitted to police that he sexually assaulted the victim on the day he created the video as well as on previous occasions.


An emotional victim impact statement from the child’s mother was read in court, noting that the little girl has been diagnosed with PTSD and other psychiatric conditions.


                “I would like to thank the Bronx District Attorney’s Office for getting justice for my daughter.  I wanted to be here today so I can face the man who scarred my daughter for life.


            “Your Honor, this man does not deserve to ever walk these streets after all the pain he has caused my daughter, my little angel. He is a sick man and is a danger to women and children he would ever come in contact with. This monster took a six year old and raped her continuously. He videotaped it so he can watch it over and over again. He is disgusting!


            “Hell is not even worthy of him.  I hope you give him the maximum sentence that is allowed.”


In sentencing VIRGILIO OCAMPO to the maximum possible number of years, Supreme Court Justice Margaret Clancy noted, “It was horrifying for this Court to witness [on the videotape] an adult male rape this child.  It is clear why the Legislature chose to mandate [this type of] sentence.”


“The defendant has shown no remorse.  In statements, he blamed the child saying she came on to him.”


The case against VIRGILIO OCAMPO was prosecuted by Assistant D.A.s Elizabeth Brandon and Jeffrey Pruzan of the Bronx D.A. Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Bureau.

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