Bronx DA: Teen Who Took “Flying Drop Kick” at Mom & Baby Sentenced


(Bronx, NY – December 18, 2015) – Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson announces that 19-year-old ALONZO BROWN, accused of taking a “flying drop kick” at a mother and baby in order to steal her cell phone, has been sentenced for the November 28, 2014 incident on East Tremont Avenue.

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Following a plea of guilty this October to a single count of Robbery in the 2nd Degree, a C-level felony, Supreme Court Justice William Mogulescu sentenced BROWN to a term of three-and-a-half years in prison, followed by four years post-release supervision.  He also waived his right to appeal.


ODILIA OROZCO had her three-month-old son strapped to her chest as she was walking down the street with her cell phone in hand, in the vicinity of Tremont and Bronx Park Avenues.  Walking in the opposite direction, ALONZO BROWN is accused of going past, turning to look at her, then running after the woman, kicking her in her back and knocking her to the sidewalk, baby and all.  He then grabbed the mom’s phone and ran off.


At sentencing today (in Spanish through an interpreter), Ms. Orozco expressed her feelings about the defendant:


“Maybe I will be able to forgive.


            “Since that time until today, I continue to experience pain in that part of the body where he hit me.

            “I am [still] afraid to go out in the street unless I have to.  Now that I will know he will not be there, then I’ll feel safe.”


            The mother of the now-toddler noted that her son still gets scared.  “Suddenly he starts crying by himself.  I can’t leave him for too long.


            “I think maybe it’s due to [the assault].  He still gets frightened.”


During BROWN’s Supreme Court arraignment, Justice George Villegas referred to the incident as a “flying drop kick.”   The entire incident was caught on surveillance video. [Video: ]


The case against ALONZO BROWN was prosecuted by former Assistant District Attorney Courtney Robbins and ADA Karl Miller of the Bronx DA Trial Bureau 30/40.

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