The Bronx Dwarfs Combined Populations of College Football Playoff Home Towns

Did you you know that the population of Clemson, South Carolina is smaller than that of Co-op City in the Bronx? Want to impress your family and friends with your knowledge of the cities represented by the college football teams in this year’s NCAA Football Championship playoffs? Look no further than our tip population sheet.

The first semifinal game is on Thursday, December 31, No. 1-ranked Clemson (Clemson, SC) takes on No. 4 Oklahoma (Norman, OK) in Miami Gardens, Florida. In the other semifinal, No. 2 Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL) faces No. 3 Michigan State (East Lansing, MI) in Arlington, Texas.

The championship game will be on Monday, Jan. 11, in Glendale, Arizona.


Population of cities involved in the four-team playoff in college football’s top division: Norman, OK; Clemson, SC; Tuscaloosa, AL; and East Lansing, MI.


SOURCE U.S. Census Bureau

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