Revolution Lighting Technologies’ Tri-State LED Completes LED Lighting Retrofit Throughout Lehman College Campus

Revolution Lighting Completes Fifth Project for Bronx-Based University, Installing Its Industry Leading T8 LED Tubes Since 2010


STAMFORD, CT— Revolution Lighting Technologies (RLT), a leader in advanced LED lighting technology solutions, today announced the completion of an LED retrofit project with Lehman College, the Bronx-based senior college of the City University of New York. The work, facilitated by Revolution Lighting Technologies operating division Tri-State LED, involved the installation of Revolution Lighting Technologies T8 LED tubes to increase energy efficiency and decrease utilities costs across campus. The multi-phase program has installed LED tubes, which are 60% more efficient than fluorescent lighting, to achieve an average payback of only 2.5 years.


“Revolution Lighting allows us to stay ahead of the market in terms of technology adaptation, capitalizing on their premier customer service, industry leading knowledge, and high quality LED solutions to maximize our efficiency goals, and provide superior light quality for our students,” said Rene Rotolo, the assistant vice president for Campus Planning and Facilities at Lehman College. “We look forward to continuing our efforts to become a more sustainable and energy efficient institution while providing a healthy working environment for our students.”


RLT has installed almost 3,000 LED lights at Lehman College since 2010, including approximately 1,600 in the latest project at the end of 2015. “Revolution Lighting’s industry-leading LED lighting technologies can offer up to 60% in annual savings compared to traditional fluorescent lighting technologies replaced at Lehman College. Figuring a three-year payback on monies spent since 2010, Lehman College could realize a potential savings of $40,000/year,” said Ron Young, President, Tri-State LED.


Much of the cost savings will be used to fund other capital programs at Lehman College. “This was something Lehman developed as a program, part of the college’s sustainability goals and also to save energy and costs. The money saved has been spent each year on the program and also been put into improving the facilities for our students,” said Ms. Rotolo.


Lehman College“We are excited to work with Lehman College, creating more efficient and productive learning environments for their students through LED technology,” said Robert V. LaPenta, CEO and Chairman of Revolution Lighting. “Lighting can account for nearly a third of annual energy expenses among higher education facilities, representing a significant savings opportunity through LED lighting’s superior efficiency. Our continued work within higher education speaks directly to the knowledge and expertise of Revolution Lighting and its operating divisions to maximize economic performance, exceed environmental initiatives and enhance safety and well-being.”


As cited throughout a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report, school buildings are often able to achieve upwards of 40% energy cost savings through LED lighting installations and retrofits. In addition, the superior lamp life of Revolution Lighting’s LED tubes, 70,000 hours compared to 15,000 hours for their fluorescent counterpart, results in a significant decrease in maintenance costs for schools. LED lighting does not require a warm-up period, is dimmable, and is controllable through various types of sensors and lighting control systems.


Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of LED lighting solutions focusing on the industrial, commercial and government markets in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Recently completed higher education projects, including their work at Lehman College, have expanded Revolution Lighting’s continued penetration into the education sector.


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