Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Dennis ConfortoPolitical Corruption vs. Crazy Business Smart

By Dennis A Conforto 

It appears the presidential race is narrowing down to two candidates, Clinton and Trump. Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is the most politically and morally corrupt candidate to ever run for President.  And Donald Trump, is the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner who un-artfully speaks a level of truth in quick sound bites!

Hillary artfully speaks in soaring platitudes that sound good but mean little to nothing if you listen carefully. She acts like she has detailed plans but when you go to her website, her plans are detailed in political speak only.  Which is code for long on words and short on details.

Trump speaks with a blunt force that sounds awful but his words actually mean something. Because he is politically incorrect every word he speaks his taken out of context and made to look extreme. That is the price for speaking the plain truth.  He acts like he has no details to his plan and when you go to his website, his plans are as short as his blunt force bumper sticker slogans. He speaks the language of business which is short and to the point.

So the choice is between corrupt and crazy!

I think I will go with crazy because the corrupt political process of both parties got us into the mess we are in today. Let’s face it. To get out of this mess we need a little crazy to do it. Someone with blunt force who is willing to say the politically incorrect thing to do the right thing…

The only person I agree with on every political point is me and I am not running. So, like everyone else, we all end up settling for candidates who are never aligned with all of our political views.

The question is how did we get to this awful state of having to make a choice between corrupt and crazy.

The answer is simple. Many Americans don’t vote, are uninformed or don’t care. Most are willing to be led by talking heads with little to no substance as long as they sound good and look good. The people are given their opinion by a media that no longer reports unbiased facts. They are more concerned with ratings than the truth. Political spin and opinion programs disguised as news are a new American pastime.  And their opinions come from the highest bidder.

Want to know why we have a divided country?  A country deep in debt? A country with a massive trade imbalance, lower wages and higher poverty rates? We voted for it! We simply got what we voted for. And then we act shocked by the results!

So yeah it’s going to take some sort of crazy to hold up an ugly mirror to the realities of where America is today. Frankly, we deserve crazy more than we deserve corrupt.

Just saying the obvious once again!


Dennis Conforto is President & CEO of Rancho Conforto of Idaho and National HouseCheck Corporation. 

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