Letter To The Editor: ‘The Move Behind The Move’ Writer Speaks

Dear Editor:

This is Brian Madden, Efrain [Gonzalez]’s bunkmate and author of “The Move Behind The Move.” I am very happy that Efrain is out and my book is getting some notoriety. I saw Former Senator Efrain Gonzalez Jr. Is Back Home…Well, Sort Of [where you stated I pleaded guilty to embezzlement and later received a reduction in the restitution amount]. I want to alert you to the actual facts in my case.
I plead guilty to insurance fraud and wire fraud. While early press releases by the government said I embezzled money from my company [Liberty Title Agency], I never did and the sentencing memo showed that I did not receive any money that was associated with the co-mingling of client and company funds. In fact, I put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the company when the then-CFO informed me the company needed money. The money that was used was client money and was used to pay company expenses, including payroll for 70 plus employees.
From its inception, the company kept an exchange account where all funds from any source were deposited into that account. It earned a significant amount of interest over the years and that account was approved by all who had an interest in the funds. There was plenty of blame to go around for what happened at Liberty but it was my company and I was responsible for it.
I never received a reduction in the restitution amount. There were still millions of dollars in the company accounts when the crisis hit and it took time to determine the actual losses.
I also want to thank you for following Efrain’s case and bringing attention to it. Hopefully the Justice system will ultimately provide justice to Efrain.

Best wishes,

Brian Madden

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