Novelist E. L. Doctorow Buried At Woodlawn Cemetery

Bronx-born novelist and writer E. L. Doctorow, who died July 21st, was interred here at Woodlawn Cemetery on Thursday, October 1st.  I was among only three others, besides the family, to attend.


He included Woodlawn in his novels “Ragtime” and “Homer and Langley” and wrote a letter on behalf of the cemetery’s inclusion as a National Historic Landmark.


He is buried a very short distance from his idol Herman Melville.


Doctorow is a Bronx Science graduate.

Doctorw was inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame (WOF) in 2001 along with Stanley Kubrick, Colin Powell, actors ‘Diahann Carroll and Burt Young, NY Met Ed Kranepool, KISS Ace Frehley, and Hip-Hop’s Kris “KRS One” Parker, musician Johnny Pacheco, and TV journalists, Lyn Brown and Jim Ryan. That had to be the most eclectic class of inductees in the history of the Bronx WOF.