Tech Focus: Apple’s iPhone 7 Announced to Mix Reviews

Apple’s iPhone 7 Announced to Mix Reviews

Two full weeks have passed since Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and the Apple PR team announced the iPhone 7.  There are literally thousands of reviews floating around: on tech blogs, newspapers, YouTube and even late night comedy show skits.

Popular opinion is split into two camps: Apple fanboys (and girls) and Apple cynics.  Both sides have valid points about the new iPhone 7.

The fanboys and girls are excited about the new and improved front and back cameras, water resistance (you can now feel free to drop your iPhone into the toilet), faster processor, more RAM, longer battery life, better speakers and a slightly better display.

The cynics scoff at the fact that the changes between the iPhone 7 and 6S are seemingly inconsequential; the bizarre (or as Apple would say “courageous”) decision to remove the 3.5mm audio port; the hearty $159 price tag for Apple’s new “AirPods;” the lack of wireless charging and a battery life that is still too short for most users.

airpods2Removing the 3.5mm audio jack is the most questionable and mocked decision in recent Apple history, causing an outpour of memes and ridicule on the internet and social media. The hostility has some validity.

Apple has essentially forced their loyal customer base to either:

  • Use Bluetooth headphones (which often skip or disconnect and are expensive);
  • Use a $9 dongle adapter (and carry around yet another annoying accessory);
  • Or, purchase the new $159 “AirPods” (that seem very, very easy to misplace).

The days of easily using any pair of headphones made within the last three decades are over for iPhone users and so are the days of listening to music while you re-charge your iPhone – unless, of course, you purchase and carry around yet another (lighting port splitter) accessory.

Final conclusion: if you are an iPhone fan and have an iPhone 5 or greater, hold onto it until the 10 year anniversary iPhone is released next year, which is expected to have large technical advances; or, if you are a member of the “new iPhone every year” crowd, you are a fanboy(girl) and have already made up your mind to happily shell out more hard earned cash for Apple’s newest shiny gadget (at least opt for the matte black).

Retail cost for the iPhone 7 starts at $649 unlocked without contract.

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