Profile America: Prohibition Ends

Monday, December 5 — After nearly 14 eventful years, Prohibition ended on this date in 1933, and Americans were able once again to legally consume alcoholic beverages. This marked the closing of an unusual chapter in American history, where an amendment to the Constitution was overturned by a subsequent amendment. The 18th amendment, banning nearly all sales and manufacture of alcohol, was ratified in 1919 and took effect in January 1920. The 21st Amendment ratified on this date voided the 18th. After the lifting of prohibition, by the end of December of 1933, there were just 17 liquor stores in the entire country. Today, the number of liquor stores surpasses 33,000. On average, Americans spend around $445 a year on alcoholic beverages. 

You can find more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau online here.

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