Today’s Verdict: Immigration and Expanding the H-1B Visa Program



David Lesch-headshotBY DAVID P. LESCH, Esq

The issue of immigration is once again front and center as President-elect Trump is poised to take over a much-divided country.  Earlier this week the President-Elect made it clear that he is focused on “visa programs” and the ability for immigrants to enter the country for purposes of employment.  Addressing the media, Trump declared that he will “direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs and undercut the American worker”.  

This has of course rattled the technology industry who rely on the all-important H-1B Visa Program.  This program allows highly skilled workers from other countries to enter the United States.  Even Attorney General-designate, Senator Jeff Sessions, claims that there is a surplus of American workers who are being denied employment as a result of the H-1B Program.  The future administration seems to be intent on limiting the amount of visas given to workers attempting to join our expanding workforce.  

But with only 85,000 H-1B visas allowed each year, can we really afford to restrict our access to foreign talent.  It is quite possible that those who possess H-1B visas based on technological and other specialized talent are filling jobs that U.S. workers are not qualified to take on.  Restricting H-1B Visas would prevent technological innovations which in turn create jobs for the American worker.  Even Trump’s Real Estate companies have benefited from the use of these types of visas.  

Let us hope that President-elect Trump and future Attorney General, Sessions, understand how important the H-1B visa is to our society.  Whether or not Mr. Trump cares to push reforms that govern marriage visas, fiancé visas, or family visas is another issue that can be debated.  But the restriction of H-1B visas is something we as Americans should actually applaud.  Everyone benefits through innovation, especially our home grown talent.  


Todays Verdict_David LeschDavid P. Lesch is an attorney and host of ‘Today’s Verdict with David Lesch‘ on Bronxnet. Today”s Verdict airs Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, Cablevision channel 67, Fios channel 33. On Facebook and Twitter @DavidLesch.

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