Tech Focus: ‘Nintendo Switch’ Launches Worldwide March 3rd


By Rob Giuffre

Last week Nintendo (NTDOY; $25.78) held their official launch presentation for their newest gaming machine: the Nintendo Switch Console.

This newest offering from Nintendo is set to join Microsoft’s (MSFT; $62.74)  Xbox One and Sony’s (SNEJF; $30) Playstation 4 and complete the trilogy of the latest generation of the big three modern home gaming consoles.

Nintendo_Switch-lanzamiento_LNCIMA20170116_0128_29This new console is a 3-in-1 hybrid device, and it’s impressively innovative and bold.  The price is set at a fair $299.99; no game is included – which is the first time Nintendo hasn’t boxed an included game with a console launch (despite setting the standard with Super Mario Bothers (NES) thirty years ago.

Despite lacking a bundled game, for the $299.99 price, the system comes with a fair offering of hardware: the main docking station, the 6.2 inch touch screen tablet, two “Joy-Con” controllers (which CNet calls “insane”), two straps for the controllers and all the needed wires and cords to connect to your television and charge for portable use.  The controller also transforms into three modes, and, yes, Nintendo is keeping the motion control style that made their Wii so popular during the previous console generation.




The most impressive feature the Nintendo Switch offers are the three modes introduced during their hour long presentation: “TV Mode,” “Tabletop Mode,” and “Handheld Mode.”  Gamers can play a game at home using a typical controller setup on their television at 1080p resolution, but then when it is time to go to work or school, transform their device into a handheld “gameboy” style portable system and play the same game on the subway ride during their commute; once at school, the same game can be played with friends during lunch recess by transforming the Nintendo Switch to the tabletop mode.  The tablet for the handheld and tabletop modes offers an impressive 720p resolution.  This versatility has been attempted by smaller electronics companies, but Nintendo seems to have it mastered for wide-scale production, and the one-device but multiple docking stations and modes experience seems to be looming over the future of the tech world.



While the technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch fails to meet up in terms of sheer power to the Xbox One and Playstation 4, the versatility and wow factor of being able to transform the system into three different experiences is what will make Nintendo a commercial success.  Another potential shortcoming of the Switch is the very small internal storage of only 32GB.  While 32GG might be fine for a smartphone (although even that is very debatable), it isn’t enough space to hold the largest modern games.  For example, Grand Theft Auto V gobbles up about 70GB in its PC iteration.  However, Nintendo has attempted to remedy this problem by including MicroSD and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.  This means gamers can install a Micro SD card to increase storage or even connect an external USB drive.

nintendo-switchIt seems as if Nintendo isn’t attempting to compete with PC, Xbox and Playstation, which are all platforms that allow gamers the ability to play modern AAA titles.  Instead, Nintendo is looking to sell their Switch Console to their cult following of fans who will buy anything that has Mario’s of Zelda’s face while also expanding their market to tech lovers who will be impressed by the versatility and innovation the Switch offers.


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