Engel Introduces the Empire State Equity Act to Increase Federal Medicaid Funding to New York State

Engel Introduces the Empire State Equity Act to Increase Federal Medicaid Funding to New York State

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a top member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, today introduced the Empire State Equity Act with Congressman Paul Tonko and Congressman Thomas Suozzi. This proposal would protect all New Yorkers from dangerous Medicaid cuts, such as those included in Trumpcare.

“Last week, we were faced with an irresponsible proposal from Congressional Republicans that would have left a huge hole in New York’s budget, under the guise of providing financial ‘relief’ to New Yorkers,”Congressman Engel said. “In reality, this proposal would have robbed billions of dollars from our constituents and restricted our state’s ability to run its Medicaid program. To deal with such draconian cuts, our state would have been forced to raise taxes, cut Medicaid benefits, limit Medicaid eligibility,  and lower provider rates – all of which would have harmed every New Yorker, including those it purported to protect.”

To safeguard New Yorkers against this kind of financial blow, Engel has introduced the Empire State Equity Act, which would increase federal Medicaid funding for New York State by billions of dollars.

“Thankfully, Trumpcare failed last week,” Engel said. “But my colleagues and I want to be at the ready in case the House GOP pushes another misguided Medicaid policy in the future. Medicaid is a lifeline for New Yorkers – especially for seniors, children and the disabled. This bill will make sure they are not harmed by guaranteeing, should our state again face a cut to its Medicaid budget, that our citizens are made whole.”

“While some members of Congress are content to play political games at the expense of their constituents, I’m proud to join members of the New York Congressional Delegation in support of this legislation, which provides much-needed property tax relief while protecting New York’s healthcare system,” Governor Cuomo said. “This measure doesn’t rob Peter to pay Paul, it provides real savings for New Yorkers. This state pays much more to the federal government than it gets in return, and I urge Congress to do the right thing by passing this bill and helping to level the playing field between New York and the rest of the nation once and for all.”

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