SISFI Monthly Meeting: Living with and Healing Emotional Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

You are invited to the NYC Suicide Council General Monthly Meeting

Focus: Living with, Treating and Healing Anxiety, Trauma, Emotional Pain and Depression

Monday, April 3rd 2017

Urban Health Plan Pavilion
1054 Simpson St., Bronx, NY, 10459
(Take # 2/5 train to Simpson St.. Building is around the corner)

There are many people living with Anxiety, various types of Trauma on various levels, Emotional Pain from life challenges and levels of Depression that affects their life in many ways. Some people don’t know how to manage or cope with these challenges and so they behave in ways that may seem odd, aggressive, abusive, withdrawn or self-harming. There are ways to live a happy and healthy life with these conditions if you learn the life skills and tools needed. We will focus on these things to help alleviate the impacts and effects on life.

There are many organizations and agencies who do not provide services or support for people struggling with depression, suicide ideations, attempt survivors and loss survivors, and we are going to expand on mental and behavioral health services by sharing, networking and training about emotional wellness and suicide response, prevention and postvention. If you are a human/health services provider, crisis responder, grief counselor, caregiver, mental health professional, social worker, guidance counselor, clergy leader, educator or law enforcement that works with people who are abused, substance abusers, struggling, homeless, unemployed, suicidal or suffered loss from suicide or violence please join us. Together, with early intervention and effective support we can proactively save more lives from human suffering, crisis, distress and despair. Join us to collaborate, plan and strategize on 24/7s Emotional Crisis Response, awareness, training, prevention, intervention and postvention across NYC.

Please register if intending to attend so we can know how many people are coming and have appropriate accommodations. Contact us for inquiries at and/or (917) 651-1889. We look forward to having you with us.

A very special Thank You to Urban Health Plan. Inc. for providing the venue for our meetings.

Thank you very much and have a great day. We apprecilove your patronage and look forward to serving you with more quality human, health, psychological and emotional programs, services and resources. One Love.

~Suicide Council


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