Emerald Tree and Shrub Care Receives Gold Star Award from TCIA

On Thursday, April 27th, just a day before National Arbor Day, Two local businesses received the Gold Star Award from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA): Emerald Tree and Shrub Care, a family owned, Westchester-based provider of high-quality arboriculture and plant health care services, and Fordham University, a private, independent research university founded by the Catholic Diocese.

The Gold Star Award is a huge honor paid by the TCIA to an individual or company that represents leadership in the field of arboriculture and long-term commitment to the tree care industry. This year, the Gold Star Award will honor Emerald Tree & Shrub Care and Fordham University for their Stewardship and Preservation of the Rose Hill Campus Unique Collection of American Elms (Ulmus Americana).

The American Elms population has been severely affected by a fungal disease called Dutch Elm Disease (DED) that has caused extreme die off in their native region of Eastern North America. When cared for properly and kept safe from exposure to Dutch Elm Disease, American Elms are extremely hardy trees that can last several hundred years and withstand temperatures as low as -42 degrees. The American Elms on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus are not only beautiful, they provide abundant amounts of shade to the campus which helps keep the buildings cool during hot summer months and improves the overall energy efficiency of the University. Emerald Tree & Shrub Care has been providing routine health care and maintenance to the American Elms for 12 years, with hopes of seeing them stand tall for another century.

The TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) came to Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus on Thursday, April 27th to award this very prestigious Gold Star Award to the two local businesses that have put their time, energy and resources into the preservation of this unique collection of American Elms (Ulmus Americana). Representing Emerald Tree & Shrub Care was the company owner and founder, Steve Farrelly, and receiving the award on behalf of Fordham University was the Vice President for facilities management, Marco Valera.

This recognition came at a very relevant time, as today, individuals across the country are sharing their appreciation for trees in celebration of National Arbor Day. In acknowledgment of this honor and in observance of Arbor Day, Steve Farrelly, owner of Emerald Tree & Shrub Care, partnered with Anthony Bulfamant Landscaping to donate and plant one new tree on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus.

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