Radiant Training School: Life After A Ring Career

By Rich Mancuso

Glen Ghany at one time was destined to go far in the boxing ring. The 40-year old native and resident of the Bronx could punch with the best and took home six New York City Golden Gloves titles as a 112-pounder. His pro career was difficult and primarily getting opponents at super bantamweight was an issue.

However, Ghany was persistent and sought his opponents, In other words, this was a fighter who became his own manager. With boxing, a sport known as a tough all-around business this was a fighter who continued to make his own fights and then it suddenly ended. The last fight ended via TKO in September of 2004 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

“I had to make decisions with my life,” he said. And after a frustrating time in the ring as a professional fighter it was the adjustment of a career that was suddenly over with a 9-2-0 record and those coveted Golden Gloves titles.

Radiant Training & Consulting director, Elvis Polanco. Photo Credit: Rich Mancuso

Radiant Training & Consulting director, Elvis Polanco. Photo Credit: Rich Mancuso

Since then, Ghany has tried to find his way out of the ring. Different types of employment are on the resume as a personal trainer and in the security/protection field. To say this has been easy has been an understatement but Ghany has found ways to adjust and still thinks about taking and throwing another punch.

More so, Glen Ghany is now content with his well-being and future that is now in the security and fire safety industry. Earlier this year, by word of mouth, he took a fateful next step and walked into the Times Square area offices of Radiant Training & Consulting, a fire safety and security training school that certifies those seeking full-time and part-time employment in this growth industry.

Elvis Polanco, a Bronx resident and native of the Dominican Republic has had more than one walk-in or visitors come by word-of-mouth. Once they work out the particulars, procedures and a reasonable financial payment, it is on to the classroom and instruction of one day or four-week sessions.

Ghany has completed the Fire Safety course and passed his first exam. Polanco will eventually, as he does with all students, help with assistance to seek employment with is relationships in the fields and Ghany will continue with security procurement in an industry that is always looking to employ those that are properly certified.

“We provide them with a lead for an interview,” says the soft spoken Polanco in his small office space that is situated a door away from a classroom that can occupy 40 students. Textbooks and materials are provided and there is the visual instruction in both areas of certification.

Glen Ghany and Elvis Polanco. Photo Credit: Rich Mancuso

Elvis Polanco (r) and Glen Ghany (l). Photo Credit: Rich Mancuso

What made Ghany and Polanco so compatible? It all begins with that first meeting and as is with so many of the students who have met Polanco, Ghany saw the same. This is a businessman who works with clients and becomes a mentor. There is no fabrication about what is offered and financial flexibility is a priority.

There is a success ratio of placing students in their respected areas of certification and demographics show more of a male-oriented field. Age is not a limit as students range in age from 18 to the senior citizen seeking additional income and not content with retirement.

“We actually do change lives around,” Polanco said this past week after the latest cycle of students moved on and took exams for certification in fire safety and security. “We give people opportunities. We are a big believer of giving back by being honest and helping people. It’s not always about money. It’s a long lasting relationship.”

The school, he says, is a “microcosm of New York City” with the diversity of a population and those seeking a career that is rewarding and salaries ranging from minimum wage to a larger level that revolves around the certification and placement in the field.

Polanco points out that his school, founded seven years ago, also offers a monthly scholarship centered around Breast Cancer Awareness to a female student in memory of a school co-founder who passed away from the disease. Free classes are also offered in security to veterans and their spouses, senior citizens over 70, breast cancer survivors, domestic violence victims and parents with autistic children if they meet criteria.

“Glen and many other people have been through here literally and it has changed their lives,” he says. “Getting a job and comfortable living. There are variables as to how much people will make depending on certification and the job itself. We work with financial flexibility. People have hardships, so I can understand it.”

Ghany has struggled as he did not have that ability to earn those lucrative purses in the boxing ring. Only a few become the Floyd Mayweather Jr. champions in the sport and in his weight class, promoters don’t offer large sums for taking punches and throwing them in the ring.

After Polanco made his pitch, Glen Ghany was back in the classroom. According to Polanco that first meeting was “Glen said, ‘I’m getting this and nobody is going to stop me.’ We want to see that in people, the determination.”

“He saw the hunger in me, I want it,” says Ghany. “I just kept pressing even though I had a hard time grasping at the beginning. He worked with me with an understanding, not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth and he saw I wanted it.” Ghany will continue in the next few weeks and attempt securement to advance in the fire safety field and security industries.

Polanco says, “To make sure that people leave here with a sense I like my experience here coming back and recommending people to us.” He says, “professionalism is everything.”

And for Glen Ghany, who still has ambitions of returning to the ring, professionalism is the last thing that occurs in the boxing business.  He is the lone holder of six NYC Golden Gloves titles and that will always be a part of his life. A pro career that did not span to expectations may or may not be in the past.

However, as he says, “My future is here and I am thankful that I found Elvis and got the best from Radiant.”

Those interested in finding out more about Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC can log on to the website: www.radianttraining.com located at 566 Seventh Avenue, Suite 703 in New York City. or email elvis@radianttraining.com (212) 213-3434.

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