Klein, IDC Release Video: ‘Call the Roll’

Counteracting President Trump; bolstering the Affordable Care Act; and publicly funding campaigns are the issues at stake for the Independent Democratic Conference in a video released Monday as the lawmakers in the breakaway bloc seek to re-affirm their support for liberal causes they believe has been lost in the pitched battle being waged by progressive advocacy groups to pressure them into forming a coalition with mainline Democrats.

“It’s time that we set the record straight,” IDC Leader Jeff Klein says in the video. “In the New York state Senate it takes 32 votes to pass a piece of legislation. It is time to call the roll.”

“It’s time that we let voters know who Democrats are and what they really stand for,” Klein says in the video.

The video features each of the eight members of the IDC discussing policies such as their support for issues like abortion rights and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, or GENDA.

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