Rudy Blanco: DreamYard Prep Teacher is leading a digital revolution in the Bronx


DreamYard Prep Teacher is leading a digital revolution in the Bronx

Washington, D.C. –  A bold and inspiring high school digital learning teacher from the Bronx is Honored’s June 2017 national Honoree.

Rudy Blanco has almost single-handedly launched a digital revolution in his Bronx community.  At DreamYard Prep public high school, Blanco sensed a knowledge gap and boldly proposed a new position for himself–“technology coordinator”–to educate students on essential digital skills and to train teachers in the use of online resources.  His unwavering confidence in his students’ abilities has allowed them to soar to new heights; his “Mouse Squad” of student techies now trains teachers and students in the skills they have acquired in his class.  As a colleague says, “The kids know he believes in them, that’s the thing.  It’s asset-based: You guys have something to offer the world.”

Mr. Blanco and Mimi 3

The Honored award is focused on the Honoree’s important impact on one student.  In Blanco’s case, that student is Noorjahan “Mimi” Aktar, who has found her life transformed by his teaching.  Mimi says, “Mr. Blanco really taught me what being a leader meant.  He would ask, ‘What do you think is the next best step?’ instead of giving us all the answers.  Because that’s what you have to do in life.  You have to learn to take matters into your own hands.”

Blanco’s story was composed by journalist John Lancaster, former Washington Post Bureau Chief.  To read the full story and see photos of Blanco with his students, please visit the Honored website at

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