Is Governor Andrew Cuomo Ignoring the Hispanic Community

According to Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, Governor Andrew Cuomo is ignoring the Hispanic Community when it comes to nominating appointees for key positions in New York State.

In his morning email, What You Should Know, Sen. Díaz says “it is important to know that out of the 108 nominations Governor Andrew Cuomo has sent to the Senate for approval, only five (5!) are Hispanic.”

“What is even more disturbing is that out of those five, two people, Fernando Ferrer and Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez (sic), are re-appointments (the MTA Board). In other words, since those two have already been placed in positions for years, the Senate is being asked to approve only three new Hispanics nominees out of 108.” [In a text exchange, Sen. Díaz said he named Ms. Cortés-Vázquez  in error. He meant Rossana Rossado.]

City and State NY political columnist Gerson Borrero in his signature Bochinche & Buzz column identified all five Cuomo Latinos as:

Secretary of State Rossana Rosado to the Port Authority board; Guillermo Linares, to become president and CEO of the Higher Education Services Corp.; Denise Miranda, to become executive director of the Justice Center; Cesar Perales to the SUNY board of directors; and Fernando Ferrer, for reappointment to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board.

Sen. Díaz cryptically implied the “some people might think that this could be racial and ethnic discrimination against a group that has always been very supportive of the Governor.”

On the other hand, Borrero published another explanation as to why “a group that has always been very supportive of the Governor” gets such cold treatment:

Another bochinchero, who’s an ally of the governor, was asked why not speak up publicly: “The truth is there are a few among us who are so up Cuomo’s ass that they think talking to him in private is the best way.”

Borrero ends his column asking, “So, who’s to blame? The governor or the submissive Latinos in Albany?”

As Sen. Diaz might say, that my dear readers is what you should know.

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