Reform Party Names Citywide Slate of Candidates

New York’s newest ballot access party offers enthusiastic support for a wide array of candidates fed up with politics as usual.

NYS Reform Party

Earlier this month, the Reform Party of NYS endorsed Sal Albanese for Mayor, J.C. Polanco for Public Advocate and Michel Faulkner for Comptroller. The Reform Party has added a slate of citywide reform-minded candidates and plans to do an event with the entire ticket in the near future. 

“In a day where partisan politics rules, we have given our line to a wide assortment of candidates:  men, women, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Progressives, Liberals and Libertarians. We have chosen the best qualified candidates for the job, regardless of ideology or party affiliation. We are the party to go to that can bring different belief systems under one roof.”, said Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa.

Camella Pinkney-Price, Candidate for Bronx Borough President

Camella Pinkney-Price, Candidate for Bronx Borough President

The Bronx

Camella Pinkney-Price, Borough President

John Cerini, City Council, 13th District

William Russell Moore, City Council 18th District

Daby Carreras, City Council, 8th District


“I couldn’t be prouder of the candidates we’re running this year.  In an era where it often seems like voters are forced to choose from the best of the worst, the candidates we’ve nominated are the best of the best.  Many of the candidates who came before us were incredibly impressive but the ones we’ve nominated have the same commitment to fighting corruption and reducing the special interest control of  government that we do”, added party spokesman Frank Morano.

In addition to working to elect these candidates, the Reform Party is dedicated to getting New Yorkers to vote YES on a Constitutional Convention this year.

The Reform Party gained ballot access in 2014 and was originally called “The Stop Common Core” Party.  Staten Island is the first county in the state to have an independent County Organization.  The state’s website can be found at



Brian Waddell, Manhattan Borough President

Melissa Jane Kronfeld, City Council, 4th District

Daby Carreras, candidate for City Council, 8th District

Pierre Gooding, candidate for City Council, 9th District



Vincent Gentile, candidate for Brooklyn District Attorney

Ben Kissel, candidate for Brooklyn Borough President

Steve Saperstein, candidate for City Council, 48th District

Brian Cunningham, candidate for City Council, 40th District, Brooklyn

Delvin Valdes, candidate for City Council, 38th District,

Mawuli. K Hormeku, 42nd District, Brooklyn

Robert Capano, candidate for City Council, 43rd District


Bob Holden, candidate for City Council, 30th District in Queens

ERIC ULRICH, candidate for City Council, 32nd District in Queens

Paul Graziano, candidate for City Council, 19th District


Staten Island

 James Oddo, candidate for Staten Island Borough President

Kamillah Hanks, candidate for City Council, 49th District

Steve Matteo, candidate for City Council, 50th District

Joseph Borelli, candidate for City Council, 51st District


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