Justin Trudeau Proves That Terrorism Pays

Justin Trudeau Proves That Terrorism Pays

By Dennis Conforto

Justin Trudeau_PM_CanadaJustin Trudeau the Prime Minster of Canada alone authorized a payment of $8.5 million dollar to a confessed Canadian terrorist and killer Omar Khadr. At the age of 16 Omar threw a grenade in Afghanistan killing a US Medic Sgt. Chris Speer and blinding for life Sgt. Layne Morris.

Trudeau gave millions to a terrorist whose so-called rights were violated by being sent to GITMO for admitting to killing an American soldier and blinding another American soldier for life.

Meanwhile, the American families of Chris and Layne got nothing from Canada whose citizen destroyed two American families for life. This is political correctness run amuck, which allows right to now be wrong, and the wrong to now be made right!

If Trudeau had $8 million to waste on a terrorist they should have given $4 million to each of these two families. What all terrorist groups around the world learned from Trudeau is simple, a home-grown terrorist from Canada can not only get 72 virgins in the next life, but can get from Trudeau’s Canada millions in this life by killing Americans. What the heck was this genius thinking? Answer, he wasn’t thinking he was busy offending Americans everywhere and it appears most Canadians as well.

In Trudeau’s crazy world that is called justice, however in America we call that Stupid! The good news is most of the Canadian citizens disagree with their Prime Minister who lost his moral compass. Even worse as the outcries got larger from his own citizens this self-proclaimed moral genius tries to justify it with a bunch of non-sensical progressive double talk.

Trudeau worked around the Canadian legal system, and waited till the Canadian Legislators were out on recess so he could ramrod this solution through the system. This is a typical tactic of those who feel they are morally elite and are willing to work around the system with technicalities as to not be questioned.

Omar was sentence to 40 years but a plea deal was made that reduced his time in GITMO to 8 years. Omar’s father was one of the funders of the 9/11 attack. Honestly how could Trudeau possibly think he wouldn’t offend his country’s greatest friend and ally, America! This was his way of poking every American in the eye over GITMO. Trudeau never called the American families this Canadian Terrorist destroyed. He was more willing to talk to Omar than speaking to the families of Chris and Layne and for that he was morally and politically wrong.

But here is the great news while Trudeau is truly an idiot the good people of Canada created a website to raise funds for Chris Speer’s children. The goal is to raise $1 Million for the children. I believe the Canadians will blow that number out of the water. If I was a Canadian today I would not only donate but I would vote this guy out of office. What Trudeau did was unforgivable simply unforgivable. He needs to step down and go back to the life he had before he was the PM of Canada. Maybe what he should do is serve out the rest of Omar’s 40-year sentence in GITMO that would-be justice. Just saying the obvious once again.

In the meantime we can join with the good people of Canada and go to www.Speerkids.com and donate to support this family and undo this wrong.

Dennis Conforto is Chairman & CEO of HouseCheck.

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