Chronicle Sports Editor Rich Mancuso Honored

By Nick Singh

Rich Mancuso-100x100Bronx Chronicle Sports Editor Rich Mancuso was presented with an award of appreciation Sunday afternoon for his efforts in  assisting the visiting team of youngsters from the Liga Los Trinitarios  baseball league of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

For the past week youngsters from the league participated in organized  baseball games at the Castle Hill Little League Field and other fields in Manhattan and the Bronx.

“I deeply grateful for the honor,”said Mancuso. ” I do this for the kids and this group of coaches and kids will always be welcomed here as they continue to grow and learn the game of baseball and responsibility.”

This was the second  straight year that the baseball organization visited the Bronx and through fund raising efforts back in the Dominican Republic they were able to visit and play baseball with other youngsters.

Mancuso, a longtime advocate for the betterment of youth, was instrumental in assuring that the youngsters aged 7-18 years were able to take in two games at Yankee Stadium and one at Citi Field.

“They had no preference for a team,” he said. “All they wanted to do is visit a big league ballpark here and enjoy the moment.” At a Yankee game last weekend, Aaron Judge, after recording an out in rightfield, threw the baseball to one of the youngsters in the stands.

The team returns to the Dominican Republic Monday morning with lasting memories and as Mancuso said. “Can’t wait until they return next Summer and God Bless them all.”





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