7 Deadly Sins of Mayor De Zastero: Envy

By Ruth Papazian


7 Deadly Sins of Mayor De Zastero: Envy

Mayor Bill de Blasio (a/k/a De Zastero) inexplicably began a quixotic rivalry with Gov. Andrew Cuomo early in his tenure as mayor. For his part, the governor delights in pulling rank—first denying him permanent mayoral control of public schools in 2015, and then doling it out in one-year increments—and in humiliating the mayor—as when he criticized the mayor’s proposed temporary ban on Uber and similar car services.

The ongoing tension between the mayor and governor took a turn to the petty when he arrived 10 minutes late to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new healthcare facility in downtown Brooklyn in July, but didn’t make his way to his seat in the section reserved for Cuomo and other dignitaries until the governor left the event.

Their feud has had serious consequences for New York City, particularly when it comes to workable policies to increase availability of affordable housing, make badly needed repairs to the subway system, solve the homeless crisis and improve the quality of education.

New York City should have a mayor who can effectively partner with the state’s governor to solve these problems.



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