A Giants Mess

By Rich Mancuso/Sports Editor

This does not compare to the old Yankees’ Billy Martin roller coaster ride with the owner George Steinbrenner but the football Giants are in turmoil mode with changes. A coaching change and change in the front office had to be made.  

The late owner of the Yankees had a love affair with Martin, plus, that roller coaster of now you’re in and now you’re out … the door.

With Ben McAdoo, fired Monday as head coach of the Giants, it was a matter of time of seeing the door close on a season that has been far from expectations.  Out the door also is GM Jerry Reese as the Giants now move on and find the appropriate replacements to get this right.
But this change had to be made, and regardless of the timing these football Giants are a team in turmoil and the coach obviously had lost his team. Everything from the Eli Manning quarterback controversy to the rash of injuries made this an inevitable decision to begin the process of making things better next year.

“Our offense was supposed to be better, and we added some receivers and a couple tight ends,” said Giants Co-owner John Mara. “We got off to a very poor start on offense, our defense did not play well as they could have and then everybody got hurt.”

Those were all contributing factors that went into this decision of change that has put this historic franchise in chaos, and after a 11-5 record last year that ended a five-year playoff drought, this was also something a loyal fan base could not tolerate.

And in case one is not aware, a loyal fan base is heard loud and clear in this town.  Just ask those at the New York Yankees who depend on season ticket holders that are a large base of the revenue stream.  The Giants historic franchise also listened as the ship continued to sink in East Rutherford at Met Life Stadium,

The time to change was now. It was not tomorrow or in the offseason. McAdoo is out the door with his GM and the transition begins as the Giants now focus on a first round draft pick instead of the original plan as being one of those Super Bowl Contenders.

While it was a matter of time it was perhaps at the wrong juncture to make the change at quarterback. Nevertheless,  the winner is Eli Manning who gets the start Sunday after a one-game hiatus that cost McAddo and Reese their jobs.

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