Helping the river run silver again

Bringing back a critical link in the River’s Ecosystem
Welcoming 400 alewife herring to the Bronx River!
Once so abundance along the eastern seaboard that our rivers once “ran silver” in the spring, alewife herring populations have crashed, largely due to dams that obstruct their migrations.
We work to bring back alewife herring on the Bronx River by:
  • Installing a fish passage at the river’s lowermost dam so that these fish can again access their freshwater spawning grounds
  • Fortifying the numbers of fish in the river each spring. Yesterday 400 new fish were released into the river! See live video of the release on Facebook.
Read more about alewife herring here.
Many thanks to NYC Parks’ Natural Resources Group, the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Fisheries Division, and the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo for their leadership and partnership on this project. 
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