Negron: Batboy Tales

By Ray Negron

Domingo German was incredible in his first start as a Yankee:
He threw six no hit innings and was as cool as a cucumber Sunday afternoon in the Bronx.   Germans outing reminded me of a start that David Cone had in 1996. David had been on the disabled list because of an anuerism and on his first start back threw six no- hit innings versus the Oakland Athletics.
When I asked David if there was any way that you could of let the kid go for the no hitter he said that the right decision had been made. I asked him if that was the same type of decision in his game in 1996 and he said absolutely. Cone said that when you are as special as German you don’t take any unnecessary chances.

David Cone also played with the great Roberto Alomar, the greatest second baseman of all time when Cone was on the 1993 World Champion Toronto Blue Jays. I emphasized to Cone that I know that it’s still early but can you make any comparisons between Gleyber Torres and Alomar. Cone smiled and said today you definitely can but ask me again in five years.

Indians Coach and Big Brother Would Know: 
Sandy Alomar Jr, the Cleveland Indians former all star catcher and present day first base coach knows a thing or two about watching second baseman. His little brother only happens to be Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar, the greatest of all time.

Naturally I had to ask the obvious question after the game Gleyber Torres had against his team. When Sandy saw me he started to laugh and said I already know what your going to ask. So I laughed and said than I won’t ask, just answer what you think are the Questions.

So Sandy said Yes after all those spectacular plays and a game winning three run homer he does remind me of Robbie but he’s got to do it for a while. At that moment I really felt lucky that I got to witness Robbie Alomar and the fact that I get to see the making of a new phenomena, Gleyber Torres!

Lou Cucuzza Yanks Equipment Manager Has Heart:
Lou Cucuzza Sr. was the Visiting Clubhouse Manager for as long as I have been there. When he retired his son Lou Jr. took over. As kids me and Lou and all the batboys used to have sleep overs at the old stadium and from midnight from 3 to 4 in the morning the mystical field was ours.

We used to make believe that we were playing with The Babe and Lou Gehrig and all past greats.

I used to say that I was Thurman or Reggie and Lou was Mickey Mantle. Sam would be Mickey Rivers and Hector would be Bucky Dent, days that I hoped would never end  but then we grow up and we have to deal with grown up issues like health and happiness. We grow up hoping that we can possibly have both.

 Well this winter Lou Cucuzza JR was having trouble catching his breath and when he went to the doctor he found out that he would need major bypass surgery. I feared for Lou because I love him like a brother and he is really a part of my history with the Yankees. Well surgery went well and in order to recuperate properly Lou had to miss his first spring training in years.
I saw Lou for the first time yesterday and I must say that he looks marvelous, simply marvelous. I took a picture of Lou and our long time great trainer Steve Donohue. You be the judge.
Ray Negron is also a contributing writer for Newsmax and NY  He can also be heard weekends on the Number 1 rated show on ESPN Deportes, 1050 AM Impact.



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