Gjonaj: Investigate NYCHA Officials for Perjury

By Councilman Mark Gjonaj

Earlier this week the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office issued a report which described disturbing allegations of cover ups, lies and blatant attempts to mislead government regulators by NYCHA officials. As a result of this I feel compelled to call on my colleagues to start a perjury investigation to uncover any and all misleading and false testimony provided by NYCHA leadership in previous testimony before the Council.

This is no longer a case of mismanagement and incompetence. The actions revealed in the U.S. Attorney’s report shed light on a coordinated scheme by NYCHA and the administration to mislead the public and demonstrates a callous culture of deception that gave little to no regard to the safety of the 400,000 New Yorkers that live in its developments.

I am calling for this investigation because New York’s system of checks and balances is only as strong as the good faith in which its elected officials are willing to provide transparent and honest answers to the public. As a member of the New York City Council I have an institutional obligation as a legislator and a moral obligation as the elected representative of my constituents to hold executive agencies accountable.

The city’s charter provides the Council with oversight responsibilities for a very important reason – to ensure that all city agencies are living up to their mission and that they are good stewards of the public’s money and trust.

NYCHA has repeatedly violated this trust and has acted with impunity for years. It is time that they are held accountable and to the same standards as everyone else. A private entity would not get away with this, we must not allow NYCHA to do so either.

Council Member Mark Gjonaj represents the 13th Council District in the Bronx, which includes the Allerton, City Island, Country Club, Edgewater Park, Ferry Point, Locust Point, Morris Park, Pelham Bay, Pelham Gardens , Pelham Parkway, Schuylerville, Silver Beach, Spenser Estates, Throggs Neck, Van Nest, Waterbury LaSalle, Westchester Square, and Zerega neighborhoods.

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