John Szponar, The Boss’s Tampa Voice

By Ray Negron

This week the Yankees lost their voice in the Tampa community. John Szponar, the man that the great George Steinbrenner had hand picked himself to represent him in so many events, passed away. For the last 28 years John represented the Yankees with incredible pride and dignity.

Mr Steinbrenner loved John because as he once said, “Show me a guy who has something negative to say about the coach (as he was affectionately known )and I’ll show you someone that I don’t want in my life.”

John was a friend to all people. Whenever I needed his help for the poor neighborhoods in St Petersburg, John would quietly give me whatever I needed and would always say, “Don’t tell anyone.”

John loved Mr. Steinbrenner like a father. He was always grateful for the opportunity that the Boss gave him and when we lost the Boss in 2010, John never got over it. Every day of his life John worked as if the Boss was still there and gave the same respect to the new generation of Steinbrenner. John got to see Hal, Hank, Jennifer and Jessica grow up and was very happy of their accomplishments in life.

John married the love of his life, Anita and has four incredible sons including Matt who does finances for the Yankees.

Whenever I would go up to the Fourth floor at Steinbrenner Field, the first stop was always Johns office where we would gossip about all types of events and laugh our butts off.

We lost John way too soon, but I guess the Boss needed him more.

I am presently in New York with a family emergency, because my wife Theresa’s dad is in critical condition so I can’t go too far.

There will be a service for John on Monday. Even though I won’t be able to attend, my heart and soul will be with John and the whole Szponar and Yankee family.
Rest In Peace my dear pal. 



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