Assembly Speaker Welcomes New Members of Assembly Majority


I am proud to lead a growing majority in the most diverse legislative body in the country, our members are a true reflection of their constituents. In a year in which there was a historic number of women running for office across the country, the number of women in our conference grew to 46.

The Assembly Majority remains committed to a progressive agenda that reflects the values and needs of all New Yorkers from the shores of Lake Erie to the tip of Long Island. We remain committed to passing legislation that supports schools, higher education programs, health care, housing, common sense gun measures, criminal justice reform, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and economic opportunities.

As Republicans in Washington continue to pursue regressive and misguided policies that divide our nation we will fight each and every day to make our communities a better place to live and to restore New Yorkers’ faith in our government.

There are a number of important issues facing New Yorkers in the upcoming legislative session, and I am confident our new members will be outspoken advocates for their constituents and help our Assembly Majority move our state ever upward. I look forward to working with our new colleagues to craft policies and legislation to help make New York State a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Congratulations and welcome to the new members of the Assembly Majority Conference:

Taylor Raynor (18th AD)Judy Griffin (21st AD)Catalina Cruz (39th AD) Mathylde Frontus (46th AD) Simcha Eichenstein (48th AD) Charles Fall (61st AD) Karines Reyes (87th AD) Nader Sayegh (90th AD) Jonathan Jacobson (104th AD) Marianne Buttenschon (119th AD) Jamie Romeo (136th AD) Patrick Burke (142nd AD) Karen McMahon (146th AD)

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