WYSK: To Build Or Not To Build the Wall and Still Save Face

Source: US Customs & Border Patrol (cbp.gov)

You should know that the matter of “Building the Wall” on the Southern Mexican Border has reached a political impasse between the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald J. Trump.

These three have reached a point of no return. If one of them stumbles and concedes to the other, he or she will (figuratively speaking) be stoned. They will be politically finished and can then kiss their careers good bye.

So, ladies and gentlemen, none of the nation’s three top leaders can afford to give in and be seen by, not only their base, but by the entire nation as a sell out or loser. They each want to be perceived as the winner, the “Macho or Heroine” in their cause to build or not to build the Southern Border Wall.

This is why instead of working towards a resolution that will bring an end to this impasse, they sent their members home for vacation, and this is why the President stayed in Washington and this is why these three leaders have done nothing but blame each other for the government shut down.

As a result, they have reached a point of no return. Now they must find a way to “Save Face” hoping to be seen as if they won the battle of the wall.

Drug-smuggling tunnel beneath US-Mexico border. Source: US Customs & Border Patrol (cbp.gov)

Here is, my political two cents on how they mostly will attempt to save face. President Trump will declare this matter a National Emergency, thereby acquiring the needed funds from The Department of Defense. He will then proceed to order the military to build the wall. POTUS will make it clear that he was left with no other alternative. He will walk away looking like a victor.

Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi will then sue President Trump in an attempt to stop him. They will then file court papers at the Ninth Circuit Court in California. They will charge President Trump with abusing his power, and they will say that they had no choice because they were left with no other alternative. Upon doing so they too will look like winners.

The judges of the Ninth Circuit Court will rule in favor of Schumer and Pelosi. The court will rule that President Trump did indeed abuse his authority when he decided to use his power to declare a National Emergency. The court will put a stop to the Presidents decision. The judges of the 9th Circuit Court will also come out smelling like a rose.

President Trump will appeal the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision and will take the matter to the Nation’s Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will hear the case and their decision will side with POTUS declaring that the President of The United States is operating within his authority and constitutional powers to declare this matter a National Emergency. They, the Supreme Court Justices will also be seen as winners.

At the end all the players, one by one, will find their place in the “Winners and Losers of the Week” column which appears in the “City and State” newspaper every Friday.

I’m afraid that even the wall will find its way to “The Winners and Losers of the Week” column, why? Because in the end they all got what they wanted, a way out of the impasse by “Saving Face”.

So, my dear readers embrace yourselves and pray for patience. It will take some time before all this comes to fruition. But be certain that at the end of this they will all be winners, and there will be no losers, except we the people who have had to endure all this drama.

I am NYC Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., and this is what you should know.

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