The Green RAW Deal – OP ED

The Raw New Deal
      Last November Bronx voters ushered out Congressman Joe Crowley.  He seemed to have forgotten the old adage “that all politics are local”. Instead of working for his constituency, he chose to be a disciple of the Chuckie Cheese Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Resist! Resist! movement. Not to worry, he landed a six figure lobbying job in D.C.
    His successor AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, came in and conquered the world. She transformed herself from a lowly restaurant waitress to a national media superstar with 3 million Twitter followers. Her first challenge was to keep Amazon out of NYC and with her fellow nitwits she accomplished it. Not realizing or even caring that this deed caused the loss of at least 25 thousand jobs for her fellow citizens, her latest foray in her quest is the Green New Deal . A policy that if ever implemented would put our beloved county back to the era before the industrial revolution . To my fellow citizens, this is The Green RAW deal . She has not accomplished anything to help the average Bronx resident. We in the Bronx need Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, lower taxes and a more receptive government. There will be an exodus of New Yorkers fleeing this borough (just like AOC’s mom) to Florida. Meanwhile AOC has a busy calendar doing media appearances…
Sal J Conforto.
Publisher, The Bronx Chronicle
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